Redpath Lofts (phases I, II and III)

Location:    In Montreal, on the south bank of the Lachine Canal

Project:    Recycling of an historic industrial site into a residential and commercial complex. Condominiums comprise 130 dwelling units and about twenty stores and offices.

Redpath Lofts is a daring project that involved redeveloping the historic site and buildings that once housed Redpath Sugar, one of Canada’s oldest industries. The development project was carried out in three separate phases and included the incorporation of an interior courtyard and a private marina. The design is unusual - all the apartments facing the canal are through apartments with private terraces and direct access to an elevator. The parking garage is connected to the apartments by a walkway. The complex includes a heated outdoor pool, a steam bath, a massage room and a meeting room. This project has already received several awards, such as one from Heritage Montreal in the recycling category. In addition to its intrinsic qualities, the project today plays an important structuring role in this evolving neighbourhood.

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